We've worked with Shanna since we moved to the Bay Area a few years back, and were super satisfied with her services and work ethics, buying a house, then selling the same house after few years, and then buying another house. The Bay Area is a notoriously hard market unlike anywhere else in the country, and Shanna understood exactly what we wanted and provided priceless guidance and tips only a native local can. We will definitely work with Shanna next time around and highly recommend her services if you're going into the market.

M.B. | Seller&Buyer


Shanna helped me sell my townhouse in San Jose during one of the market peaks. She handled multiple offers with aplomb, and worked hard to get me the best price for my home. Later, she helped me buy a new home, and expedited a very fast close. Shanna works hard, is available to answer any questions, and is highly ethical. I will be recommending her to others.

Gayle B. | Buyer

Shanna is the best Real Estate Agent we have ever worked with! She is very experienced and extremely professional! She made the whole home buying process as stress free as possible for us. She was very accommodating to our schedules, and would drop anything to run out and show us a home. We found the house of our dreams with her. She is just a wonderful Agent, and person. She had our back throughout the entire process. We can't say enough good words about her. You can call yourself lucky to be one of her clients!

Nadja C. | Buyer


Shanna Desai is a wonderful Realtor and with a wealth of expertise in San Jose Real Estate. My husband and I recently relocated to the area from the East Coast and Shanna was amazing. She was communicative and attentive throughout the process. Shanna kept on top of the market and really helped us zero in on the perfect neighborhood and house within two weeks.

Shanna also helped facilitate an extremely difficult situation during our mortgage process: In the days leading up to the closing date for our new home, I was in the East Coast on business and my husband was incredibly busy at work here in California. At a key point in the process of finalizing the loan, our Mortgage Broker dropped the ball in a BIG way on a Friday - jeopardizing our close - then disappeared for the day and, presumably, the weekend. Shanna tracked him down on Friday night (when he wouldn't answer our calls and he and his company weren't even in the same time zone as us)! I believe she is the reason that the deal went forward. She not only kept calm but offered excellent advice and helped to keep things calm and progressing. In addition to guiding us through the issue, she followed up with the Mortgage Broker (who needed her guidance even more than we did) and the relocation company. She stepped in at crucial moments and was absolutely the key to everything working out (and was probably the reason that the mortgage company gave us cash back at closing to make up for their many errors and lapses in judgement!)

I would highly recommend Shanna to anyone looking to find a home in the area - she's lived here all her life and offers so many tips, neighborhood insights and ideas. Most importantly, Shanna is a true professional and a tireless advocate for her clients. I wouldn't consider hiring any other Realtor if we were to move again.

Jennifer S. | Buyer

We worked with Shanna to purchase a home in the Bay Area.  She was hyper responsive and educated us on the home buying process and the unique dynamics of property purchases in this area.  She was patient with us in showing us a lot of properties, very good at efficiently scheduling viewings and cognizant of the COVID restrictions.  She gave us really good guidance on where the other offers were and a good sounding board for our thought process.  Highly recommend!

Josephine J. | Buyer

Working with Shanna has been a fantastic experience! I was a first time home buyer and Shanna took the time to explain the details about the whole process. She has a long history in the area so she is able to offer great information about area. She's also We went through a whole host of homes and from there I was able to establish a good baseline of what to expect.

During the offer process she was incredibly helpful with information gathering and she was very professional with the other real estate agent. She was proactive to ensure that the deal would go though by continually checking up on various parties (lender, seller's agent, etc). I am definitely recommending her to anyone I meet in the area as she was an absolute joy to work with!

Adam M. | Buyer

Shanna was such an amazing help in moving to Campbell / San Jose that I'm actually writing my first every Yelp review so that others can know how great she is to work with.  Shanna was recommended to me by a colleague when I (naively!) decided I'd "just buy" rather than rent when my employer forced me to relocate.  I quickly learned there was nothing easy about buying a home in this market, and Shanna was infinitely patient, highly responsive, market savvy, tech savvy, and well connected!  Plus she was a pleasure to work with & managed to maintain a sense of humor through multiple offers and other absurd situations.  I'm happy in my new home, and honestly don't think it would have happened if I'd been working with a different realtor.

C.B. | Buyer

I cannot sing Shanna Desai's praises enough.  I had a complicated relocation move from the East Coast and Shanna was there to help every step of the way.  Shanna is knowledgeable, ultra-organized, manages to juggle her competing demands to make you always feel like you are her priority.  She will help you find the home that works for you and your family. In this hyper-competitive market, you need someone like Shanna with the professional expertise and intimate local knowledge to guide you.  I recommend her without reservation.

Marie V. | Buyer

Shanna is a professional, responsive, well informed and trustworthy Real Estate Agent for the South Bay area.

You'd normally expect these qualities in any professional you engage. So what makes Shanna stand out?

1 - preparation: lots of good questions and listening and observing to understand more what we wanted and who we were

2 - responsiveness: high alacrity in responding to questions, and in providing timely, pro-active guidance

3 - advice: in State / Country where none seems to talk to you without getting you to sign 15 pages of liability waivers, it was a welcome tonic to be given frank views and insights that were so scarce to obtain for new comers.

D. C. | Buyer

Shanna is truly an awesome real estate agent!  She is very knowledgeable and did a great job getting us our new house. She is up to date on current market situation and thoroughly knows the real estate business...

Shana held our hand through the whole paper work process! She made us feel at easy and very confident by her knowledge, expertise, professionalism and her great work. She was punctual, in constant communication throughout the whole process, and provided a wealth of knowledge whenever we had questions. We highly recommend Shanna for anyone looking to buy or sell a house.

Loki C. | Buyer

Shanna was a great agent for us through the process of buying our home. She made us feel comfortable with our financial situation despite our being in a bracket below most of the houses she sells. Shanna went out of her way to pick us up and drive us around to homes, as well as defended us when placed in difficult situations with our loan company. She explained each step of the home buying process and was very generous with her time and efforts. We appreciated all that she did for us, and continues to do as she checks in and recommends handy men, helps decipher tax statements, and gives advice on general home ownership tricks of the trade. She is a great real estate agent and makes herself a good fit for her clients.

Nicole & Will Wesson | Buyer

Relocating is never easy, even when you are familiar with the area you're moving to. But Shanna was patient, listened to all of our concerns, and offered her expertise and local real estate knowledge to help us secure our new home. Shanna was always attentive and accommodating, presenting a wide range of properties and locations for us to preview. She did her best to make a stressful company relocation as smooth as possible! We were very fortunate to have her on our side from beginning to end. Thank you, Shanna!

Jason H. | Buyer