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Real Estate Professional at Intero Real Estate Services

Intero Real Estate Services

San Francisco Bay Area

I love every aspect of Real Estate! Architecture, relationships, legal contracts, ongoing education and most of all, the satisfaction of helping others achieve their Real Estate goals.

I have an Executive Sales, Marketing & Leadership background which ended in an Executive Management position in the food industry. With that, I brought to Real Estate many skills that work to get the best price purchased or sold for a home, solid communication skills across the board from the beginning to the end of a transaction with all involved, insight into market trends, professionalism and a keen understanding of one's goals. I work to develop a plan on an individual basis. I will give an honest and educated assessment and then formulate a plan to achieve those goals for my clients.

I strive for excellence and offer a high level of professionalism, diligence and care to each individual. I'm motivated by doing a good job and will treat all clients with the utmost care. I'm a referral based Realtor and gain my business through the excellent service I offer to clients and their friends and family.

I was born and raised in what is known as Silicon Valley. I grew up in Sunnyvale on land that was once orchards now turned to office buildings for technological giants. My family was involved in Engineering with some of the pioneering companies such as Fairchild Semiconductor & Lockheed Martin. I'm a 4th generation Bay Area native. My family started companies in the food business in the early 19th century, with my parents moving into Electrical Engineering in the early 70's.

I love architecture, with a special fondness for dwellings dating prior to 1950. I am on the Board of Directors for Preservation Action Council of San Jose, specializing in the preservation of historically significant architecture.

I also specialize in corporate relocation. I help many through the significant transition of moving from another country or state to the Bay Area.